Great soccer jacket for cool weather running

The weather has dipped to ~50 degrees here, so just a bit to cold when starting my outside runs. So I bought a pack of these, as something that I could start my run with, but wouldn’t become to hot mid way through (thus I would have to take it off and carry it the rest of the run). So far they are great and provide enough warmth, but can still breath.
First thing I will say is that these are NOT compression shirts in any way. These are outer shirts that are meant to have a base layer worn underneath them. The pocket of air between the two layers is your insulation that keeps you warm. The wicking in the shirts removes your sweat from your skin to prevent your body from over cooling itself. These shirts are exactly what I was looking for.
I am a tall woman, fairly lean (small bust, broad shoulders) and I bought the men’s size small in this and it fits perfectly!
They seem to be pretty true to size.
These are excellent quality – a lot like the more expensive ones for Roma soccer jersey which you could pay 75 or $80! …Soft, light, attractive, and very well-made. And for the price, you can wear them, beat them up, and not feel too guilty.
I bought a set for my husband and each of my sons and I was jealous, so now I own a set too. It being a day of lots of activities- running, cycling, weight lifting – around our house, everybody had theirs on. These were a big hit at Christmas!
I can’t recommend these highly enough:

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