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Best Hummingbird Feeders 2022 & WHY

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Hummingbird Feeders

Why 3 or More Hummingbird Feeders are best

All of our videos here it’s SkyDanceFarms both in the USA and in Costa Rica demonstrate that having  three or more hummingbird feeders is essential. I have been apart of many studies that demonstrate that the male hummingbirds will guard one feeder extremely closely two feeders very closely but once you put out the third feeder and every feeder you put out after that will increase the number of hummingbirds that come to your feeders greatly. 

Bird Seed Feeders

Seed feeders bring in a great deal of both local birds and your migratory birds

Saint peters support birds when they’re migrating and your local birds you’ll find that feeding birds seeds with a higher oil content will be best for the birds and the best way to keep the squirrels out of your feeder is to buy a squirrel guard or a feeder that includes it. 

Water brings more birds

Water Water & Water

Water is the one essential need of  every single bird in your yard, it’s your greatest bird and animal variety attractor


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I bought several of masks for myself and my children they work great they fit everybody were age 12 and up I don’t think the mask would fit somebody under the age of five but they are super comfortable and really nice.

Wendy from Chicago

Love the masks we bought several they’re all super easy to put on and wear fits everybody and I bought myself a hoodie. soft and fits great sizes seem to run exactly as charted.

Henry Cowell Newport Beach 

Family and I enjoyed the YouTube channel almost every day and have ordered several products all of which have been wonderful  thank you again Skydance Farms ;}

Byron NY NY

We thought everything was bigger and better in Texas until we found Skydance farms super educational.  Thank you very much for YouTube channel we watch it  everyday.We have ordered a few items from the store all of which have been good quality.  

Pam Dallas TX

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