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I started birdwatching at the ripe old age of eight, my neighbor had for hummingbird feeder’s just outside of their  den windows.  Fortunately they were  fastidious about keeping their hummingbird feeder’s clean and since we were in Los Gatos California we got a great number of Hummingbirds.  I also had a teacher for my seventh grade year that was an avid birdwatcher an environmentalist he drove to the to Campbell where we were in school from Felton California another words he was a hippie.  Mr. Wilson decided to teach us about every bird that lived or migrating through California. I found him incredibly inspiring and by the end of the school year I could identify every bird that either lived or migrated to California thank you Mr. Wilson. 

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Here’s my path and if you choose to join us your path to give back to the planet to teach our children to take care of it to learn from it and to cherish it!

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All of this is original content from our teams inner action with nature both in Northern and Central America with  splash of England and parts of Europe. 

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