Why 3 or more hummingbird feeders

I’ve been studying hummingbirds for more than 50 years and have attended multiple hummingbird events and given talks about them to people around the world, including at the San Diego ZOO. Hummingbirds are one of my favorites species of birds. Of course, I enjoy all birds, however hummingbirds I think are what started me as a birdwatcher, or twitcher, or as my family says, bird nut.

Here at Sky Dance Farms we repeatedly have proven that three or more hummingbird feeders oriented within 4 feet of each other bring in significantly more hummingbirds than one or two feeders, and for every feeder you provide more than three, it actually increases your hummingbird visitors exponentially.

The reason this works is the male hummingbird guards food, be that a flower, an area where there are a lot of flying insects. Any food source if that food source is greater than an area he can guard will result in get more hummingbirds.

Remembering, of course, that hummingbirds are primarily insectivorous and we’re not wishing to add more mosquitoes, gnats, no-seeums, baby flies, or spiders to our homes, the best way to bring hummingbirds in close were you can see them well is to provide them with hummingbird feeders. Three is the minimum and every feeder after that brings you even more hummingbirds.

Here is a direct link to a video demonstrating three or more hummingbird feeders. Enjoy


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