Cara Merawat Burung Kicauan Agar Nyaring dan Lantang – Of course it feels exhilarating to keep singing birds in the house. Pet Pals can hear the melodious chirping of love birds and of course it gives peace to the mind. Birds, with their beautiful colors and chirps, have become a popular pet choice. Maybe there are some people who decide to keep animals such as cats and dogs, but there are also quite a lot of people who keep birds at home.

Keeping songbirds can be an exciting activity for Pet Pals. However, you need to know that birds need stable care so that their lives remain prosperous. However, looking after birds requires special knowledge and attention to ensure their health and keep them happy.

Steps to Care for Chirping Birds Correctly:

1. Choose a cage that is safe and comfortable

Before choosing to keep a bird, you definitely need to choose the right cage. This is because it seems that some people often underestimate the importance of choosing a cage for their favorite bird, so that it actually seems uncomfortable when used.

Try to choose a cage that is larger in size so that it can provide ample space for the bird, so that it remains comfortable. Apart from that, make sure the cage is safe from excessive sunlight and wind, and has good circulation.

2. Bathe the Bird Every Morning

Bathing birds every morning is important so that the bird’s cleanliness and health is always protected. Besides that, bathing will make the bird feel fresh and its voice will still be good. The steps for bathing are not difficult, you need to spray water on the bird slowly. However, make sure you don’t use a lot of water so that the bird doesn’t get cold.

3. Give Food Every Day

Birds must get the nutrition they need for their development and health. Choose food that contains nutrients and vitamins so that birds remain healthy and free from disease. For example, squid is a useful source of calcium which is useful for the health and shape of birds’ beaks.

Pet pals can give birds a love of fruit. However, avoid giving him seeds from fruit. Some grains have lower vitamin content. Besides that, birds only eat certain parts of some grains so the nutrition is not enough.

4. Don’t forget to carry out the condensation process

Condensation is a process that should not be ignored. Through this process, birds can reduce depression and feel like their natural community. Not only that, condensation that is done in the afternoon is useful so that birds in heat are not so aggressive. This process is easy, you need to place the bird in a high place. Do the misting in the evening and morning and the birds will get fresh air naturally on their bodies.

5. Invite to connect and socialize

Birds need relationships and publicity to be more prosperous. This method is useful so that you have a healthy relationship with your beloved animal. Not only the birds benefit, but also you as the owner. Keeping birds can improve human health. You will experience higher survival rates, reduced negative impacts of cardiovascular disease, and better psychological health.

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